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Exocet Owner Spencer Taylor

The Exocet has been my passion since first seeing one at my home racetrack of NJMP in 2016. The Ariel Atom meets Industrial Rock look captivated me instantly.

What the Exocet brilliantly accomplishes is combining the race-proven Miata NA and NB chassis dynamics with a bespoke tube frame.

Building off of the Miata platform also means an Exocet accepts almost every upgrade or modification designed for an MX-5. Turbo 1.6L and 1.8L Mazda, GM LS series, Honda K24, and GM EcoTec engine swaps are but a few of your choices to choose!

My Exocet race car journey began in early 2017. I experience the most enjoyable, raw, thrilling, and propulsive driving in my Exocet. It rewards its driver and pushes them always to go faster!

Gas Mileage

4 gallons 93 Octane
per session


Interior: Black
Exterior: Salmon Red


Turbo 1.8L I-4 Cylinder
6-Speed – Rear Wheel Drive



Detailed Specs

Race chassis exceeding SCCA and NASA safety requirements

Built 1.8L Miata engine

Garrett Disco Potato GT28RS turbo

Carbon fiber wing

Custom windshield

Fiberglass body panels

1950 pounds WITH me

* See tabs for details *


Garrett Disco Potato GT28RS turbo from ATP

Built 94-97 bottom end

WiseCo Pistons with 8.5:1 compression ratio

Worked 99 heads with VVT intake cams

Stock Torsen limited slip differential

Stock Miata 6-speed NB transmission

Australian MX-5 3.62 rear gears

Flyin Miata FOX Suspension with helper springs

Adjustable upper control arms front and rear

Sealed and blueprinted Planet Miata racing hubs

Prothane poly bushings on everything

Stock NB Miata roll bars

Flyin Miata adjustable end links

JNC 15″ by 9″ wheels with 0 offset

SCCA logbook approved safety cage

Fire suppression system

Kirkey containment seat for driver

Kirkey race seat for passenger

ATL fuel cell

GForce FIA harnesses





If the Bee Gees made a turbo, they’d call it the Disco Potato.

I have no idea who came up with the name Disco Potato, but I love it! The turbo does boogie down. What makes the Garrett GT28R so special? It spools quickly, and can deliver enormous boost to four cylinder engines.

While final tuning is not yet complete, so far my newly refreshed built 1.8L engine combined with the Disco Potato is making north of 300 HP at the wheels! That’s amazing for relatively small displacement, and my lowered 8.5:1 compression ratio.

  • Built tough as nails by Garrett
  • Ability to deliver 25 PSI boost consistently
  • Reasonably priced for a quality, powerful, turbo

My Exocet Website Journey Has Just Begun

As a Freelance WordPress web design consultant, I’m working on websites every day – all day. My goal is to build a dedicated website for my Exocet, including its build process, and my experiences with the platform.

My other goal is to meet more Exocet owners! If you are one or are interested in learning more about Exocets, drop me a line below.

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